Activity Photos

Activity / Achievement

 We have daily assembly at the beginning of the day, wherein students gather in the courtyard and do P.T. exercises for 15 minutes, then sing a hymn/prayer-song, followed by the school prayer. After prayers, students take turns everyday to read important news headlines from international, national, state, local & school news; say 'Thought of the Day', importance of the day, whenever any day is observed on international or national level. We also sing 'Happy Birthday' to children having birthday in the assembly. We end the assembly with National Song everyday and National Anthem on Saturdays. And we thank God with a prayer at the end of the school day.

 We, at RSKPE, follow the Indian tradition of welcoming new students every year with tilak, flowers and sweets, where parents of the new students also attend the ceremony. Teachers & students give song & dance performances to welcome the new members in the Kalaria family.

 At the beginning of every year, we have Orientation, the first meeting of the academic year, where parents come and meet with their child's new class teacher and subject teachers. Teachers introduce themselves, their subjects and their method of teaching and inform about class-work style & H.W. patterns to be followed through-out the year. Class-teacher also explains about General Rules to be followed regarding day-to-day activities, students' behaviour, discipline, leaves, and bifurcation of Internal Marks, Semester Exam Marks, Grades and Percentage.

 In Nursery, K. G. section and Std. 1st & 2nd, every month Mothers' Session, meeting of mothers with teachers is arranged, where teachers inform & discuss with mothers the work done in that month and the work that will be done in the next month, which helps them to teach their children at home with the same method. Problems, if any, are also discussed.

 Parents of Std. 3rd to Std. 8th have meeting with teachers every two months and before Semester Exams to know about work being done and discuss the child's progress & any problems they might be facing.

 Before exam, there is Parents-Teachers' meeting for all the classes. And after exam, there is another meeting for presenting the Report-card and showing the papers to the parents & students.

 We have started Remedial Classes for the students who need extra coaching to help them understand their lessons better. Coaching is given by the respective subject teachers in the school on Sundays. School does not charge extra fee for these classes.

Annual Cultural Function

 Kalrav, the Annual Cultural Function, showcases the artistic side of students and teachers. All the students participate and perform variety of dances showcasing various themes, many a time giving social message & bringing awareness to issues affecting our society.

Annual Prize Distribution Function

 Our Grand Annual Function, held every year, is organized in two parts - Prize Distribution & Kalrav.

 We award shields to honour the achievements of students in various competitions conducted during previous academic year. This includes all the in-house competitions, academics, external competitions and external exams in various fields like art, sports, talent searches, competitive exams conducted by various National & International Level organizations like Asset, Science Olympiad Foundation, Unified Council, Wonder Art World, NRCG etc. Our students also participate in the competitions organized by Sports Dept. of Mahanagarpalika, Gujarat Govt. & Govt. of India and many of them achieve top ranks in those and go on to compete in State level and National level too. All of them are honoured and awarded shields to acknowledge and encourage their talent and hard work in our Annual Prize Distribution Function.


 Various national, religious & regional festivals & their celebrations form an important part of our lives. At RSKPE, we incorporate them in our activity schedule, teachers explain & inform about them & we celebrate them together.

A) Annual Sports Day

B) External Sports Competitions

  Our P.T. instructors encourage and coach our students for the various team and individual sports events for external sports competitions organized by Sports Dept. of Govt. and local organizations like Bal Bhavan & Rupayatan. Our students participate & win at city level in Khel Mahakumbh & School Games Competition organized by Sports Dept. of Govt. and go on to play at District Level, State Level and National Level every year. And students are also selected & given admission to sports schools.


  Nursery & K. G. students celebrate Rakshabandhan. Girls tie Rakhi to the boys & they both give each other sweets. Rakhis & sweets are provided by the school.


  Nursery & K. G. students celebrate Janmashtami, birthday of Lord Krishna by doing puja, swinging His palna, offering dahi in matki, sweets & flowers to Lord Krishna. Palna of Lord Krishna is decorated with fresh flowers and hymns are sung.

Ganesh Chaturthi

  We celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with Nursery & K. G. kids. A small pandal is made & decorated and kids pray to Lord Ganesh and offer flowers & laddus.


  To celebrate Navratri, we organize Garba Competition for all the students of Nursery to Std. 8, where everyone comes in traditional Navratri dress, do aarti of Ambe-ma and play garba. External judges are invited to judge this competition impartially. Girls and boys are given ranks separately in two categories, 'Well-Played' & 'Well-Dressed'. Staff members also play garba. Results are declared at the end. It is exciting and relaxing for everyone, as Semester-I exams are over.


  Nursery & K. G. students celebrate Diwali with sweets, fire-crackers & rangoli made by our teachers. Teachers tell them the story of Diwali celebration in honour of Lord Ram's return to Ayodhya.


  On 24th December, our Nursery & K. G. students celebrate Christmas. We decorate a small Christmas tree & is kept in the classroom; one of our teachers becomes Santa Claus & distributes chocolates to the kids. They dance & sing along with Christmas carols.


  We celebrate Uttarayan with Nursery kids. We gift them kites & they have laddus of mamra & til.


  Our teachers show & explain the story behind Holi with small models, pictures, Holi-colours & other props.

a) Independence Day & Republic Day

 We celebrate Independence Day on 15th August and Republic Day on 26th January. All the institutes of the Patel Kelavani Mandal celebrate these National Festivals together every year. Trustee members of Patel Kelavani Mandal, guests, teachers & students celebrate them with Flag hoisting, National Anthem, speech by Mr. Mohanbhai L. Patel, President, Patel Kelavani Mandal, speech by our guest of honour and performances by students of our various institutes.

 We celebrate Republic Day with K. G. students explaining its importance using presentation slides on Smart Board.

b) Teacher's Day

 On 5th September, we celebrate Teacher's Day with Std. 8th students playing the role of theirs teachers and teach in classrooms to the younger kids. Some of them also play the roles of administrative staff, trustees and Principal. Snacks are prepared in school kitchen for them and their group (staff) photo is taken later.

c) Celebration of Various Colours' Days

 We celebrate colours' days such as, White Day, Yellow Day, Red Day, Blue Day, Green Day, Pink Day etc. with Nursery kids. According to the colour theme, classrooms are decorated, snacks are prepared and all the students, teachers & helping staff of Nursery dress according to the colour theme.

d) New Year Celebration (1st January)

 We welcome & celebrate New Year with all the students. The theme of the day is free dress & snacks of their choice. Most of the students have small party with their friends, bringing items of pani-puri, bhel, pav-bhaji etc. and mixing them up and eating together.

e) International Yoga Day

 International Yoga Day is celebrated on 21st June every year all over the world since 2015. We, too, celebrate it every year with our students with yogasans & surya namaskar.

f) National Science Day & No Plastic Day

 On 28th February, we celebrated National Science Day & No Plastic Day with senior students making charts, small projects and objects without using plastic. They showcased their charts in the Morning Assembly while teachers explained the importance of National Science Day & No Plastic Day. Then, they went to all the classes from Nursery onwards showing their charts & explaining it to the young kids. Their projects and objects were displayed, where students from various classes came in turn to see it.

g) Annual Sports Fiesta

 It is compulsory for all the students to participate in the Annual Sports Fiesta. Parents & trustee members are invited for the final event to encourage the students. We begin the Sports Fiesta with the lighting of the torch & oath. Special sports related performances are choreographed by our sports teachers & showcased by the students. Results are announced after each event & photos & results are posted on School's Facebook page at: Winner house is awarded trophy & at last, we depart after National Song.

 We conduct educational visits & excursions every year for all the students, from Nursery to Std. 8th. They are conducted during school hours to nearby places and in accordance with their age, they visit different places standard-wise.

 Students of Std. 7th & 8th participate in Science Exhibition, where they prepare their models & experiments along with charts. We also have Math exhibition.

 Students of Std. 5th to 8th participate in Art Exhibition. Our Art teachers guide them in selecting topic, style of drawing & painting. These are appreciated & praised highly by everyone.

 It is compulsory to participate in the elimination (first) round of every competition, so that, they get practical experience, can discover where their talent, strength & interests lie and develop self-confidence, which contributes to their all-round development.

a) Prayer & Patriotic Song Competition

 Students of Std. 1 to 7 perform on Prayer/Patriotic songs. It is our humble effort to cultivate devotion & gratitude to God & patriotic feelings in them, tell them about our country's struggle for freedom and independence.

b) Shloka Recitation Competition

 Jr. & Sr. K. G. students participate in Shloka Recitation Competiton.

c) Spell Bee Competition

 Std. 3rd & Std. 4th students participated as teams in Spell Bee Competition.They are asked to give spelling of the words given to them.

d) Elocution Competitions

 We have elocution period every week in classrooms throughout the year, where the topics are decided at the beginning of the year, incorporating Gujarati, Hindi & English languages. Apart from the weekly elocutions, we have Elocution Competitions in Gujarati, Hindi & English languages, separately. There are three rounds - Elimination, Semi-Final & Final Round. We invite external judges to judge these competitions.

e) Extempore Competition

 We organize Extempore for the students of Std. 8th. Students pick-up the chits to know their topic and are given 3 minutes to think and then they give speech on the given topic.

f) Art Competition

 Jr. K. G. to Std. 8th all the students participate in Art Competition. Younger kids colour the design given, while older ones colour & design pictures on the given topics.

g) Rangoli Competition

 Students of Jr. K. G. to Std. 4th colour the Rangoli design on paper while students of Std. 5th to 8th prepare their rangolis on floor.

h) G. K. Quiz Competition

 G.K. Quiz Competition is organized every year for the students of Sr. K. G. to Std. 8th. There are three main rounds, Elimination Round is a written test, Semi-Final is a viva & Final Round is conducted with 3 teams of 3 to 5 students per team. The Final Round has 7 rounds - Question Round, Choice Round, Rapid Round (Yes/No), Audio-Visual Round, Clue Round, Clue Round & Buzzer Round.

i) Rhymes Competition

 Jr. K. G. students participate in Rhymes Competition. They sing the rhymes with actions.

j) Story-Telling Competition

 This competition is for Sr. K. G. students. They tell the story using facial expressions & hand gestures.

k) Fancy Dress Competition

 Jr. & Sr. K. G. students participate in Fancy Dress Competition.

l) Mono-Acting Competition

 Students of Std. 1st to 5th participate in Mono-Acting Competition, where they dress up according to the role chosen by them and enact it using various props.

m) Poem Recitation Competition

 Students of Std. 1st to 3rd participate in Poem Recitation Competition, where they can choose any poem and has to recite it with expressions & gestures.

n) External Competitions

 ????We encourage & train students to participate & win in the various talent competitions like art, rangoli, creative artistry, classical & western dancing & singing, playing musical instruments, mono-acting, drama, elocution, essay-writing, debate etc. conducted by Wonder Art World, NRCG, Bal Pratibha Shodh, Bal Bhavan, Rupayatan, Divya Bhaskar etc. & sports competitions organized by Government's Sport Dept. like School Games Competitions & Khel Mahakumbh.

o) External Competitive Exams

 To face the competitive world, Std. 1 onwards the students are trained for various external competitive exams conducted by reputed companies like - Science Olympiad Foundation, Asset, Unified Council, NSTSE, Mars Pre-School Bee etc. These exams give them the valuable, preparatory experience & build their confidence, so that they can confidently appear for various competitive & entrance exams further in their life.

a) Make & Eat Activities

 We organize 'Make & Eat Activities' for all the students class-wise. Fruit-chat, Pani-Puri, Lemonade, Vegetable Salad, Pulses Bhel etc. are prepared. Students bring some of the ingredients & some of the ingredients are provided by school, then we mix up the ingredients & show them how it is done. These activities are enjoyed by everyone with enthusiasm.

b) Farewell Party for Std. 8th

 We give farewell party to our beloved kids of Std. 8th, who have been with us since they were 3 years old tiny tots & have now entered into their teens & are eager to be all grown-up and take on the world in their stride. Std. 7th students join us to say farewell to them. Students & teachers perform dances & dance-dramas or skit. We have a slide show of the photos taken during the year of their various activites. Our beloved dadaji, Shri Mohanbhai Patel, Shri Mohanbhai Dalsania, Dr. G. T. Ladani, Dr. P. R. Godhani & Principal madam give blessings to the students. Every year, we try some new way to make it more memorable for them & for us as well. We dance together & have dinner and then, it was time for the final good-byes, blessings, best-wishes and fare-wells, where all of us are in tears & many cry openly. We already start missing each other as we say final good-byes.

 We organize different workshops & seminars for the students as well as teachers during the year. Workshops & training for teachers on various subjects like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Phonetics, Discipline etc. Workshops for students on Vedic Maths, Acupressure, Benefits of Cycling, Being Indian etc. Seminars for teachers & students on Meditation, Personal Hygiene & Health, Career Advice & Exam Preparation, Discipline & Concentration etc. We also organize camps like dental check-up, general health check-up, yoga & pranayam etc.

 At the end of the year, after Semester - 2 exams, it is time for Annual Report Card distribution. Parents come with their kids to get the Annual Report Card. It is a day filled with triumph, joy, sadness, relief and many such emotions, as students see their report cards.

 Though, all is forgotten within a day or two, as these kids are in full-on vacation mood and are busy enjoying the lazy summer holidays. With this attitude, they do teach us that no matter what happens, how to move on with life and enjoy it to the fullest.

 We thank them for this valuable lesson and hope they will not forget this as they grow up.